Runner-up in ‘Best New Natural Drink Product 2016’
Runner-up natural products scandinavia 2016

Press release 16. November 2016

Danish startup becomes Runner-up in 'Best New Natural Drink Product 2016'

The Danish company Liquid Fruit Company ApS, becomes Runner-up with their yuzu lemonade,in the category 'Best New Natural Drink Product 2016' in this year's Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016.

The Yuzu lemonade from Liquid Fruit Company ApS, which is something completely new, made with just yuzu, water and cane sugar. This highlights the yuzu fruits distinctive flavor of fresh lemon, sweet clementine and bitter grapefruit. The fruit that originates from Asia, is for many still unknown, but Liquid Fruit Company Aps is now going to change that.

The Company's Yuzu lemonade has almost been underway for a year, due to countless tastings, but the time is well spent, now that it has resulted in the lemonades first prize.

I am very proud in becoming Runner-up with our yuzu lemonade, and it's always nice to get an acknowledgment for a product, that we have put a lot of effort in. Especially when it's buyers and industry professionals who voted us into second place, " says Claus Weiland, founder and CEO of Liquid Fruit Company ApS.

With the first international Runner-up in hand, it's time to look beyond Denmark and take the yuzu lemonade and the company's other products further out into Europe.

"We have seen a lot of interest from international buyers, for both our yuzu and organic lime/ginger lemonade at the expo, and I wonder if it won't increase, now that one of them has been rewarded," says Claus Weiland.

While the rest of Europe is interested in the lemonades, this isn't the only thing that's in focus, as Claus Weiland says: "This prize has really given a taste for winning, so now we start development of new flavors, so that we have an opportunity, to win next year." For further information, please contact:

Founder & CEO
Claus Weiland
Telephone: +45 60572070

Download image for editorial use: Liquid Fruit Company Yuzu Lemonade in a bottle and in a glass with ice cubes. Photo: Photographer Maria P

About Liquid Fruit Company ApS
Liquid Fruit Company is a Danish company which specializes in nectars and lemonades. We focus on simplicity, quality and flavor and always use as few ingredients as possible. All our nectars and lemonades consists only of water, fruit and cane sugar, making quality and flavor the main ingredients.