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About Us

Liquid Fruit Company is a Danish company that specializes in nectars and lemonades, consisting of one main ingredient. We don't use concentrates and never add flavoring, coloring or other E-numbers to our products. It is all about the pure taste, and therefore we mix our products with water, and not with juice.

We want to be honest about our products, and are happy to explain, why we think it's more fun to make a product that tastes of mangoes, and rather make a mango nectar with 40% mango puree, than a mango juice, which consists primarily of a cheap orange, grape or apple juice.

We also use real cane sugar instead of stevia, low-acid apple concentrate or other artificial and natural sugar substitutes, to bring back the flavor, because we believe it is the best ingredient to use, when we got to raise the sugar content to the original level, otherwise the nectar or the lemonade will taste as a very diluted cup of juice.

All our products are blended, filled and quality controlled in Denmark.