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About Us

Liquid Fruit Company is a Danish company which specializes in organic juices, nectars and lemonades. We focus on simplicity, quality and flavor and with a list of ingredients as short as possible. All our nectars and lemonades consists only of water, fruit or extracts and cane sugar, making quality and flavor the main ingredients.

For us, it is all about making great tasting products, and that is why we love creating products, where taste and ingredients harmonize.

When spending lots of time and resources sourcing the perfect ingredients, we see no reason to cheat. Therefore, we never use concentrates or E-numbers in our products. We also add real cane sugar rather than Stevia sweetener, low-acid apple concentrate or other natural or artificial sweeteners..

In order to enhance flavors and avoid acidity levels getting too high, our nectars and lemonades do need to be sweetened. We use as little sugar as possible, but just enough to get the sweetness just right without compromising flavor.

All our products are mixed, bottled and quality controlled in Denmark, including our organic certification.